David Laughton Consulting Ltd. Real Asset Risk Analytics
Industrial Picture David Laughton has established himself as a leading researcher in the application of modern financial analysis methods to large-scale capital budgeting problems. He has a good sense of what within this area will be relevant for managerial needs. - Robert Merton, 1997 Novel Prize Winner in Economics

Practice Overview

David Laughton Consulting Ltd. is the consulting practice in asset valuation begun by David Laughton in 1983.

We help corporations do a better job of designing and managing real assets:

  • through a better understanding of the structure of the uncertainties in a given commercial situation and the effects of those uncertainties, as transformed by asset structure, on asset value
  • through better methods of understanding the value of different types and levels of flexibility that managers can create to shape and react to uncertain future events.

We also help government agencies, regulators and financial institutions understand the risk and value of the real assets of corporations with which they interact, and how their policies or actions change those risks and values.

Our geographic coverage is global and Dr. Laughton is involved in all engagements.

Practice Characteristics

The Principal, Dr. David Laughton, is known for:

  • his unique insights into real asset valuation and its use to improve commercial decision-making
  • the respect that his clients and experts in this field have for his work
  • being able to make the concepts and practice of value estimation clear
  • being sought out by major professional organisations to help their members understand asset valuation
  • his industry expertise.


Our Real Asset Risk Analytics (RA)2 services include:

  • consulting, either by project or through retainer
  • training through public or customised private presentations and courses
  • licensing of the proprietary valuation software that we have developed for our own use.

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